Making daily or weekly habits can actually improve your life, by helping you achieve your goals or bettering your mental health. Being kinder and taking care of ourselves is so important, and I believe routines are the way to go! I’m always interested in the simple daily things people share about their lives. That’s why this post is a mix of my own routines and the ones I believe would better my own or anyone’s experience. Here are simple habits that will improve & change your life!

This is, all based on my personal experience & beliefs and should not be taken as professional advice. If you need to speak to someone about your mental or physical health please do.

1. Create a morning routine that makes sense.

By a morning routine that makes sense, I mean a routine that will help you start your day on a good note. Some morning routines I see out there are so long, I can’t believe people get so much done just in one morning. I feel they can be quite unrealistic and unattainable, some of us are morning people, some of us aren’t.

So if you’re the kind of person that needs a very simple morning ritual with specific things that make you feel good, do that. For example; I need a few minutes to wake up before I get out of bed. If I have time, I like to shower in the mornings as it helps me wake up. I like having time to do my makeup and have breakfast in the morning, so I make a habit of waking up early so I have enough time to do those things without being in a hurry.

A friend of mine told me recently that she’s started a new morning ritual that makes her happy before going to work. It’s her ‘me time’ before going off to be busy the whole day. If she has time she reads or does some stretching/ exercises. This makes her feel great and it helps her start the day on a good note!

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2. Keep things tidy.

This habit makes me feel 100% times better. Tidying up your things, making the bed every morning, or organising your wardrobe can improve your day. It will help you feel more productive & efficient and make your mind a bit clearer to achieve other tasks you may have to complete.

I don’t mean you have to clean & vacuum every day. That would be unrealistic and most people don’t have the time for that. However, just keeping things organised & pick up things that are lying around will help keep the mess from escalating and will not take up too much of your time.

3. Walk anywhere you can.

Some people hate walking. But I believe that even if you use your car daily, walking when you can will improve your mental and physical health. I’ve definitely bettered this habit recently. Because I’ve had different and sporadic jobs these years, I’ve had to decide when to take the car or not. I’ve found that driving to work can be very stressful in the morning, so whenever I can I go by public transport!

Something that will help you walk more is by tracking your steps. You can use a smartwatch or your phone. This can be very motivating and will help you see if you’re moving around enough or not. If you have a desk job, walking to or from work is an amazing option! If you can’t, maybe you can go out for a walk when you get home from work.

By Maya Z. Feel Self Care.

4. Learn how to say no.

I’ve always struggled with this one, but it’s a habit that will improve your life. A lot. Learn to say no for your own mental and physical health. Sometimes, you may not have the time or energy to do a favour someone needs or to see a friend. It’s okay to reschedule! Don’t only hang out with friends just because you have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), do it because you really want to and have the energy. Don’t do everything just to please others, it’s important that you set boundaries. Otherwise, people will get used to you doing favours for them all the time and they will ask even more! For example, it’s okay to say “I’d love to help you, but I can’t make the task you’re asking me to do” or “I’m going to have some time for myself, but we can get together next weekend if you’d like”.

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5. Learn how to say yes.

Just like learning how to say no to things, you also have to say yes to others. One can get comfortable saying ‘no’ too much, mostly because we are scared or nervous about whatever is being proposed to us. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone will take you places you never imagined, with new opportunities and experiences. I believe most things are about balance!

6. Plan.

Use lists, planners or digital calendars. Planning will help you have a clear mind on what it is you have to do. Planning is essential to me, it helps me set goals, write down my to do’s, & I don’t have to stress about remembering everything. I also believe in vision boards, I have a post all about what they are and how to make one here.

My best daily habit is using my planner every day. I use a weekly printable, and every Monday I set my goals for the week & write down my tasks and to do’s. This helps me envision the days I have ahead and plan what tasks I’m going to do each day. I also write down my social plans or other personal things I have to do! Furthermore, I use my monthly printable to have a broader look at my to do’s and goals. When it comes to list-making, I use my notes app on my phone or laptop. I find this is the easiest way as I usually have my phone on me & can easily write stuff down or tick things off!

7. Make exercise a habit.

I’d say taking care of your body & making sure you exercise enough is one of the greatest life hacks ever. Not everyone likes the same kind of exercise, so make sure you find something that works for you! For example, I love going to the gym, I usually go 3-4 times a week. If I can’t go, I love going on long walks or doing some yoga. Yoga makes me feel light and helps with backaches I get from sitting on a desk. When I move my body my day improves by a 100!

My mum walks to the office and back daily, which is great exercise. Include whatever type of exercise you like into your daily routine. Some days you might be too tired or your body simply doesn’t want it and that’s okay.

Working out helps my physical and mental health, I feel more confident, secure and healthy!

8. Enjoy the small things.

This I have learned especially during the pandemic. We can get so caught up in things; work life, social life, travel, being busy… That we forget to enjoy the moment we are in. This is one of the best habits you should develop for yourself. Enjoy what you are doing at that moment! It could be the simplest of things; a walk with your dog, the coffee you’re drinking, a nice conversation, etc.

When the pandemic hit and we had to stay home for months, I discovered the power of enjoying the simple things in life. My day-to-day was simple but I learned to enjoy it!

9. Create a night routine to wind down.

A night routine is just as powerful as a morning routine! It’s important to wind down especially after a stressful day. I’d say to give yourself enough time before you go to bed. If I work until too late my head is still thinking about what I have to do when I try to go to sleep, so I try to stop working a bit before that and do other things instead. Watch a movie, read for a bit, cook a nice meal, do your skincare routine, etc.

10. Reward yourself on your accomplishments.

Do you praise yourself when you complete goals? Or do you quickly move on to the next one without thinking about it? It’s so important we value our work and effort. Otherwise, what’s the point? Enjoy your accomplishments and be proud of yourself, this will give you a boost of confidence and will help you pursue your next goal!

What’s a habit that has changed your life?

Comment down below! 🦋