Valentine’s day is approaching, & you might be wondering what to do with your significant other (or with yourself if you’re single!). These are not easy times with coronavirus still spreading around the world. Date ideas like going out for a romantic dinner, or going out on a fun date, like bowling, aren’t possible or not advisable.

So whether you’re a couple living together or socially distancing, here are 10 date ideas for a Covid-free Valentine’s Day!

1. Prepare a special breakfast date

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to just be a night plan. You can start the day with romance too! This year February 14 falls on a Sunday, so you can stay in if you don’t work. If you do, have breakfast together before going off to your job! You can do this two ways:

  • Breakfast in bed: Prepare a delicious special meal for your partner and surprise them by taking it to bed! Put some music on to set the mood and chat in bed while you enjoy your meal.
  • Prepare a special breakfast together: You don’t have to stay in bed, you can also get dressed up and prepare a nice meal to start the day together. Cook something you wouldn’t usually have on a normal morning; pancakes, your favourite waffles… you choose!
Breakfast Valentine's day plate with strawberries, berries, coffee.

2. Movie marathon evening date

What better way to celebrate a covid free date than to stay home & watch movies together! Choose a few movies you’ll both enjoy, could be scary movies, rom-coms, or better yet, a saga! Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones… the list goes on. Make it exciting; prepare snacks, make popcorn, get your comfy pillows & blankets (& maybe some wine if you drink). Who said you have to be active on Valentine’s Day? You can also have a chill night at home!

Valentine's day date cocktail

3. Take an online cocktail class together

You don’t have to go out to a bar, bring the bar home! The internet is full of recipes and ideas, buy the ingredients you’ll need & have a cocktail night! You can dress up & play some music to make it more fun! You don’t have to drink, you can also make alcohol free cocktails if that’s what you prefer. Here’s a blog post with 30 great cocktail recipes by A Couple Cooks.

4. Game night

Get all of your board games & card games out, it’s time to play! If you’re socially distancing, there are plenty of online games you can play together while you’re on a video call. You can play games to get to know the other person more; like truth or dare or a questions game. Aditionally, you could do cocktail night with games to give it a bit of a buzz.

5. Go for a long romantic walk

You can still be Covid safe & leave the house, don’t forget to wear a mask! Go out to the park, beach, forest or wherever you live nearest to for a nice walk together. If you’re not living together and you’re socially distancing, you could still go out and walk at a distance from each other. This would be hard, but at least you could spend some time together while doing an activity. Valentine’s doesn’t have to only be petals, wine & chocolate. Getting some fresh air and talking about life can be very romantic & it can help you bond even more!

6. Arrange a fancy virtual date

I’ve talked about doing game night virtually earlier, but I’m saying it again. If you’re apart because of quarantine, or because you’re in a long-distance relationship, you probably already talk a lot on the phone or on video. But why not make it a little more special because it’s Valentine’s Day? Get dressed up and have a virtual dinner date. You could even watch a movie together! Trust me, I’ve done this. You’ll probably have to wear headphones the sound of the movie doesn’t interfere with the call, play the movie at the same time and voilà! You can watch it “together”.

Picnic with wine, cheese platter, snacks for Valentine's day date.

7. Romantic picnic

Restaurants aren’t always open where I live because of Covid-19. So if you want to have a nice meal and not stay in the house, you can prepare a yummy picnic and take it somewhere pleasant. Take it to the beach if you live near one, or the park, or even in your own backyard if you have one! Take food, drinks, a blanket and even some pillows to be more comfortable.

8. Cook a meal you love together

Eating is not the only thing you can do on a dinner date. Cooking a meal together can be fun, especially if you try to cook a meal you’ve never done before! You’ve always wanted to try to make homemade sushi but never found the moment? Well, this is THE moment. You could also make it into a game by preparing a meal each and see who does it better! Cooking can also be a stressful thing to do so give yourselves time & take the pressure off by doing it to have fun, not just to eat! I have a delicious cheesecake recipe here if you want to recreate it for your date.

9. Support your local business and order takeaway!

If you don’t want to cook, this is the solution for you: order food! Local restaurants are having a very hard time during this pandemic, so you’ll also be supporting them while having your meal ring at your doorstep. Watch a movie or pretend you’re in a restaurant by preparing the table with candles and music! Here’s an outfit idea you could wear on your date.

10. Take the pressure off Valentine’s Day & just spend time together

Planning something fun on Valentine’s day can be stressful for many people. The point of this day is to enjoy time with your partner (or yourself), but it doesn’t have to necessarily be something extremely special. If you’re happy with just having a chill day at home reading a book, or doing whatever you like to do then do it! Don’t stress about having to do something just because it’s V-day, drop the pressure and enjoy the small things!

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Picnic with wine, cheese platter, snacks for Valentine's day date.