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How to get over gym intimidation - Maya at the gym

13 Ways you can deal with gym intimidation

Gym intimidation is real. If you’re a newbie working out and you’re feeling overwhelmed when going to the gym, this is the post for you! Taking your first steps at the gym can be a bit scary. When I first started working out that’s how I felt, especially in the weights area! But now that I’ve been going there consistently
Maya Zelaskowski reading El Mueble magazine, practicing self care on Valentine's Day

10 Ways You Can Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Loving yourself is the first step in anything you do. In order to have a successful relationship with others, first, you’ll have to learn how to practice self-love. These tips can be applied on any day of the year, but we all know Valentine’s day can be hard if you don’t have a partner. That special someone will have to
By Maya Z blog post: I'm back! What I've been up to

I’m back! Sometimes life takes unexpected turns

Hello fellow readers! I’ve missed you so very much… After 8 months of posting nearly weekly on this blog, my life took a turn and I had to take a break for a while. I love writing on this blog but it’s hard work & sometimes things just don’t go as planned. A few months ago, things were going well;
How to buy less things & start your sustainable journey

6 Tips To Buy Less Things & Start Your Sustainable Journey

Tips that will help you buy less things, and be more mindful of what you purchase! It is clear that compulsive buying is unsustainable for our lives & the planet, so why do we keep doing it? Maybe we feel like getting new things will help us feel better somehow, and it probably does for a little while, until you
A weekend horseback riding in the mountains: Maya Z in front of hotel Mas Sant Marc

A Beautiful weekend horseback riding In the mountains

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start making posts about my travelling and weekend trips since I always take my camera & have so many amazing photos from them! It was my boyfriend’s birthday this late June, and I decided to surprise him & take him horseback riding. I’d actually only been on a horse a couple of times before when
Beauty Swaps to make this summer

Best Beauty Swaps You Should Make This Summer

Summer is here, which means our beauty routines change & we find new ways of applying products. This post is going to be about the best beauty swaps you can make this summer; in skincare, makeup & hair. My goal in the summer is to have a simpler and effortless routine, a glowy look with soft and amazing looking skin
Dreamy picnic essentials post By Maya Z

Dreamy Picnic Essentials: How To Pack The Perfect Picnic

Thinking about what picnic essentials you need for the perfect date or gathering with your friends? Picnics take a bit of planning beforehand, so making a checklist is the best way to remember everything you need. I went on one and did a mini photo shoot the other day, and though it’s such a fun idea especially if you find
How to be more productive without adding stress. Iphone, Macbook Pro and coffee images.

How To Be More Productive Without Adding Stress Into Your Life

How can you be more productive without adding stress? And I don’t mean only in your work, I’m also talking about your personal life. Nowadays, the lifestyles we live can be incredibly stressful to us; balancing work, friends, family, hobbies… It can all be too overwhelming! I do believe there are things you can do to better your productivity without
The Best Summer Hair Accessories by Maya Z

The Best Summer Hair Accessories You’ll Want To Wear This Year

I’ve recently bought these super cute on-trend summer hair accessories. Accessories are the best way to complete a look. I believe they transform an outfit and make it look luxurious. When we think of accessories, we often think of necklaces, rings, handbags, but we forget our hair can suit the cutest details too! Even if you’re not feeling your outfit,
By Maya Z Habits that will change your life.

10 Good Habits That Will Improve & Change Your Life

Making daily or weekly habits can actually improve your life, by helping you achieve your goals or bettering your mental health. Being kinder and taking care of ourselves is so important, and I believe routines are the way to go! I’m always interested in the simple daily things people share about their lives. That’s why this post is a mix