Thinking about what picnic essentials you need for the perfect date or gathering with your friends? Picnics take a bit of planning beforehand, so making a checklist is the best way to remember everything you need. I went on one and did a mini photo shoot the other day, and though it’s such a fun idea especially if you find the perfect spot for it!

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Dreamy picnic essentials post By Maya Z

1. Location & Timing.

Honestly, the most important thing to think about when planning a picnic. Fun story: when my boyfriend and I went on a picnic the other day, the location was absolutely beautiful. Such a dreamy place! But there was one catch: It was a park where everyone around the neighbourhood walks their dogs without a leash, and because we had food lying around, the doggies would always come and try to eat it! So my advice would be to think of a location that you know not many people walk their dogs to.

Dreamy picnic essentials post By Maya Z

Timing is also a thing you’ll want to think about. If it’s very hot where you live, you might not want to have a picnic mid-day. I’d say the nicest time would be in the evening when the sun goes down. It’s also the nicest time to take photos, hello golden hour!

2. Picnic Basket.

You probably wouldn’t forget this one, since you have to carry all your things somehow. Still, I’m adding it to the list. Use a tote, a basket, a backpack or whatever you need that’s big enough to carry everything. A basket is usually the best option since it’s easier to organise things inside, & you can carry delicate stuff in. Here is a very cute picnic basket you can purchase.

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3. Picnic Blanket.

The second most important picnic essential! You don’t need a fancy or specific blanket, just take whatever you have in your house! Of course, it will be better if you have a dedicated blanket for this kind of thing, so you don’t mind it getting a little bit dirty since it is going to be on the ground. You could even take a large towel if you prefer! Blanket recommendations: UO Andi Throw Blanket. H&M Striped Picnic Blanket. H&M Striped Throw.

And if you want to go even further, you could even take pillows to make the set up comfier!

4. Drinks & Snacks.

Snacks and finger foods are the best way of eating during a picnic. Pack a shareable platter! Take crisps, cheese, bread, fruit, sandwiches… Things that are going to be easy to eat sitting on the ground!

Of course, you won’t want to forget drinks, even if it’s just water! If you want it to be a little extra, take a bottle of wine, if not, take fizzy drinks, beers, juices, whatever you choose of course.

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5. Glasses, Utensils & Plates.

Don’t forget them! You’ll regret it later if you do. if you take wine, also take glasses and a wine opener. If you take cheese or anything that needs cutting, take a board and a knife. Reusable plates & napkins might come in handy too! I would also recommend bringing a trash bag to throw things away when you need to (never litter please!)

6. Music And Games.

Mini speakers or your phone might do! Sync your favourite Spotify playlist, bring cards and play some games, it’ll be 100% assured you’ll have fun. I have a lot of playlists on my Spotify, so go ahead and check them out!

7. Other Essentials.

There are other extras that you’ll need and won’t regret taking! Some are of course optional and a great addition if you have the space to carry them.

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Camera
  • Book
  • Ice pack
  • Thermo

As I said before, a picnic is a great idea but please make sure you clean up when you’re finished. Don’t leave things behind or think that you can leave your trash! It’s easy to clean if you bring a bag with you and then throw it into a container when you’re done.

What are your essentials when you go out for a picnic?

Comment down below! 🦋