Hello! As you already know we’re living in a crazy unknown situation that we haven’t lived in before, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is taking over the world. I don’t really want to talk about that in this blog, but what I do want to write about, is the experiences I’m living as I go because of it, and maybe help someone out who doesn’t know how to face the situation by talking about things you can do to keep busy and feel good! Also, before I start, I wanted to say that if you need someone to talk to, you can e-mail me, comment on this post, send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll reply as soon as I see it. If you have any health concerns don’t be scared to call your town/city/country helpline, and of course, stay at home! 🏡 🏠

1 Have a timetable.

It’s very important that you keep a schedule during this time, it will help you to do the things you want to do. It will also ‘normalize’ this period and will help you set goals for yourself and get motivated. So go, get a diary, a piece of paper, or whatever you need, and start writing yourself a timetable! Give yourself a few weekend days as you normally would, it’s good to do work and be busy, but it’s also important you have a couple of days to be lazy!

2 Wake up early.

Now that you have a schedule, turn your alarm clock on! Try not to stay up late so you can wake up in the morning and keep a good sleeping schedule, you’ll feel much better mentally and physically.

3 Shower every day and get dressed.

You might like showering in the morning, you might like showering at night, either way, make sure you shower every day as you normally would. It can also help to feel good to put some clothes on. I personally like wearing comfortable clothes around the house, but I do make sure to not wear my pajamas all day!

4 Eat balanced meals & get cooking.

Make sure you’re eating right, have breakfast, lunch and dinner at normal times. Maybe you can also try cooking things you’ve never cooked before, or you can even try baking! If you hate cooking, still try and keep a normal eating schedule, that way you won’t be snacking all day! I find that it can be easy to get into the habit of snacking while I’m home, but if I’m full from my balanced meals I won’t do it as much or ever. It’s okay to have cheat days, in fact, I think it’s nice to have them, but I also think it’s better if you get into the habit of eating well.

5 Exercise.

Okay, so I know everyone is posting photos or videos on Instagram of them doing exercises on a yoga mat, but for some people, that’s the only way they can get moving! Not everyone has a big house or a garden, so it’s good to keep your body moving as much as you can, even if it might have to be by exercising inside. In Spain (where I live) we can only leave the house to go shopping for food or to walk the dog for 10 minutes, so no one can leave for a long walk or run. There are many apps and videos on the internet of different exercises you can do at home, even if you don’t have any equipment, they are great! My favorite ones are the Nike Training app and Whitney Simmons videos on youtube and Instagram. Both are free, but if you want something extra you can download her new Alive program which includes at-home workouts that you can follow daily, I love her!

6 Have some me-time.

It’s great to be busy, but it’s also great to have time for yourself and your hobbies! For me, my me-time is having a nice warm shower, applying hair masks, face masks, creams, doing my nails, etc. Taking care of my body also helps me take care of my mind! You could also do your makeup, try on outfits, or do anything that you like and is going to make you feel good.

7 Clean!

A great way to stay busy and active is to clean! Cleaning can be very therapeutic and will also help you live in a nice environment which is a win-win situation if you ask me.

8 Listen to music, watch movies & TV shows, or read a book!

Watch the movies and shows, read a book that you never had the time to read, or create new playlists on Spotify! Now you have the time to discover new music and organize your music library. You can follow me on Spotify, I have so many playlists you can choose from so here you go!

9 Disconnect from social media and your phone.

Watching Netflix, posting on Instagram, checking Twitter, are great ways to help you stay busy, but it’s also very important that you take a break from these things every day. The news can be very overwhelming these days and it’s great just to leave your phone in your room and not checking for a few hours. The way I do it is every day when I’m having my meals is I leave my phone in my room while we’re at the living room eating. Also every day after our meals we play a board game together!

10 Do the things you always wanted to do but never did.

Obviously you won’t be able to go on that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, but I’ve found that my new motto for these weeks is “Do the things you always wanted to do but never did”, and that’s why I finally created this blog! I always wanted to start one, but never got around to, and I thought to myself; “stop thinking about it and just do it”, so I did! The next step is creating a Youtube channel! 😉