Guys, I found the perfect vintage leather coat! I never really got into thrift shopping before, even though I live near Barcelona and there are plenty of shops around. Some of them, I found, were too overpriced! I guess because the stores had become very popular and would sell vintage pieces as very unique items. My town has a small market, and I’ve recently discovered that they have vintage clothes for sale on the weekends at a very good price! Anyway, I went there last weekend & found this amazing gem, I couldn’t believe no one had taken it!

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By Maya Z wearing a vintage leather coat.
By Maya Z wearing a vintage leather coat.

Vintage finds

When it comes to vintage shopping, you have to look around a lot. But every time I’ve gone, I’ve found one or two unique pieces that I couldn’t let go of! This is the type of leather coat I’ve been dreaming about! It’s authentic leather, which I wouldn’t buy if it weren’t second hand. The colour is amazing & it fits me perfectly. I’ve been wearing it with beige & white tones. I’m going to make a post soon on how to style vintage leather jackets because I have a few now!

I have a post here with some outfits for spring if you’re interested.


I’ve styled the leather coat with a pair of sunglasses I found on Amazon. I’ve been looking for this kind of sunglass for some time & found them for a very good prince!! Also, In the images above I’m wearing a very cute hear clip that you can find in most shops.

Lunch date

I’m adding these yummy photos as well because, on that day, we also went out for lunch to this nice restaurant in my town! I love taking photos of the food places I go to, especially if they have nice deco.

hey make this amazing courgette salad that I want to recreate, I’ll make sure to make a blog post on it when I do!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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