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Hello everyone! I bring to you some of the outfits I’ve worn this February. I usually spend the whole month of February wearing scarves & hats because it gets quite cool. But I have to say, it hasn’t been a cold one this year! I love wearing comfy clothes under a statement piece which is usually my coat. It’s hard to be creative with each outfit when there’s not much to do; no going out, no travelling, no plans with friends… But I’ve managed to capture a few moments, here you go!

Outfit 1: Oversized Teddy Coat & Comfy Tracksuit

Outfit inspiration By Maya Z

This is the outfit I’ve been wearing when I want to be comfortable but still want to look cute. I bought this long teddy coat from Zara last year & it’s the cosiest thing I’ve ever worn. The hoodie underneath is also from Zara, the tracksuit is from ASOS & the trainers are Adidas. Get the sneakers here.

Outfit 2: Black on Black

The only thing that has colour in this outfit, is my mask! 😄 Boots & purse are from Zara, sunglasses Mango & the cool jacket is vintage! When in doubt, wear black on black! The Mango sunglasses are my fave, I always get compliments on them. They’re like the Prada ones celebrities wore all the time. I’ve actually found a dupe for you on Amazon!

Outfit 3: Green Day And Bucket Hats

I wasn’t too sure about this one since I haven’t worn my trench coat in forever, but I decided the beige would suit the shades of green I was wearing underneath. I feel as if the trench coat were to be longer and in a more oversized fit, like this one, I would like this outfit even more. The fuzzy hat is from ASOS, the knit jumper and trousers from Zara.

Outfit 4: The Best Bomber Jacket I Have Ever Bought

This will forever be my favourite bomber jacket. I bought it from Zara (yes I know, half of my closet is from Zara) a couple of years ago and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. The cute baguette bag is from Mango from this season, paired with the most perfect wide-leg jeans.

Outfit 5: Another Cozy Look

Outfit Inspiration By Maya Z

Similar to the fist one; cozy underneath, business on top. Trainers are Nike M2K Tekno. Bag & coat are from Zara.

I really want to make more outfit posts. The last one I did was ages ago! The images on this post were made on my Iphone, as you can probably tell. I’d love to get my camera out and take better quality ones, so that’ll probably be happening soon! Spring is coming and hopefully, the Covid19 situation will get better and we’ll be able to do more things aka more fashion content! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

Which one of these outfits is your favourite?

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February Favourite Outfits, Outfit By Maya Z