Spring is here, good weather is near, time to change up your wardrobe! It’s the perfect time to start wearing more tops, fewer jumpers, & especially more colour! In this post, you’ll see my favourite outfits for this season (the last one is the best btw). The last post I did on fashion was in February, so as you’ll see, I’ve ditched my coats but still wearing jackets on chillier days. By the way, all these outfits are super affordable!

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Blue Jeans

“Siri, play Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey please”. You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans, worn with a white top. I bought these from ZARA for this season and I’m in LOVE. They’re ‘full length’, meaning they’re made for tall girls (finally!). I used to find it so hard to find long enough jeans for my legs, so I’m so glad full-length jeans are back in style yaaasss!

The bag is from Mango, but it’s sold out. Get a similar one here from Boohoo.

The jeans are from ZARA.

Get the cute white cardigan from H&M.

Ribbed White V-Neck Vest here.

The Perfect Baguette Bag

This outfit isn’t as colourful, but I still added a pop of colour with the army green trousers. I paired them with black boots, but you could wear them with sneakers (honestly I would wear every single outfit with sneakers). The baguette bag is my all-time favourite and looks amazing in any outfit.

Get the baguette bag on Mango.com

Get the chain necklace here.

Vintage Leather

I call this one, ‘The Rock Chic Bee.’ Get it? Yellow, black… Anyway, 😆 I love this outfit so much. I found this amazing leather jacket at a vintage pop up store in my town and I’m in love. It’s an XXL which gives the perfectly oversized look! I can’t find the exact link for some of these items, but I’ll link similar ones so you can recreate the fit.

Spring 2021 Affordable Casual Everyday Outfit Ideas By Maya Z

Jacket is vintage, but you I found a similar one in Urban Outfitters (Faux leather😉).

Cuffed sweatpants in light yellow.

Tori Light Green Ribbed Racer Vest.

Get a green faux croc shoulder bag.

Casual But Cute

The light blue of this blouse is the perfect colour for this Spring. I actually took it from my mum’s wardrobe! I wore it with these beige wide-leg jeans & heeled boots.

The bag is from Mango, but it’s sold out. Get a similar one here from Boohoo.

Heeled black ankle boots from ASOS.

Jeans from ZARA.

Beige Blazer

Last but not least, my favourite outfit. I had to include the oversized blazer trend into this post. The best place o find them is vintage places, the mens section in stores, or your dad’s wardrobe! I added a pop of colour with the bag, but I feel like I could use any bag I want it as it’s such a versatile look!

Get the chain necklace here.

Oversized dad blazer in beige.

Get a green faux croc shoulder bag.

Which one would you wear?

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