Hi, I’m Maya, and this is my new blog. Welcome. I’ve been wanting to start something new for some time now, and I thought what a better way to let out all my creativity and thoughts then by creating a blog. I’m not used to writing, in fact, I never write at all, my outlet is usually my camera but I felt that Instagram was too impersonal for me and I wanted to do something more heartfelt (even though no one will probably read this!). Anyway, as I said, my name is Maya, I live in Barcelona but I was born in London. I’ve studied all my life in Barcelona, but in 2016 I went to Cardiff, Wales to study the university degree of BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and I now live back in Spain. On this blog, I want to post my photography, travels, beauty tips and just anything I want, so if you’re interested in continuing this journey with me you can follow me on here or on my socials and send me a message! I can’t wait. ♡