Summer is here, which means our beauty routines change & we find new ways of applying products. This post is going to be about the best beauty swaps you can make this summer; in skincare, makeup & hair. My goal in the summer is to have a simpler and effortless routine, a glowy look with soft and amazing looking skin (sometimes I break out but soft skin is always the goal 😂).

Store: Foundation

Swap For: Tinted SPF

Foundation is a no-go for me during the summer. It’s sooo hot where I live during the day, that a heavy foundation would just look like melted cake! So when the heat starts to appear I swap it for a light tinted CC cream. It’s also great if it has SPF, but I usually apply it separately anyways.

Store: Powdered Bronzer

Swap For: Cream Contour

I love a good cream contour! Honestly, I also use it during the winter and top it up with powdered bronzer. But in the summer, a light touch of cream contour is the way to go. I’ve been using the NYX contour stick in light and it’s the perfect shade for me!


NYX Wonder Stick in Light.

Store: Cream Matte Lipstick

Swap For: Tinted Lip Balm

And if the tinted lip has some SPF in it, then it’s a 2 in 1. I love a dewy look in the summer and this beauty swap is a must! I still use matte lipstick for a night out, but during the day when it’s very hot outside, I feel it just isn’t it!


Clinique Chubby Stick

Store: Hairspray

Swap For: Sea Salt Spray

I’d probably still use hairspray for a slicked back look, but I find myself going for sea salt spray more often during the summer. This beauty swap is more of a beauty upgrade, as sea salt spray will give you that effortless mermaid hair look we all seek in the summer (at least I do). My hair is quite fine and straight, but if I add in a bit of spray and scrunch it up, I can achieve the look I want!


OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

For that mermaid h2o look 🧜🏼‍♀️

Store: Powdered Highlighter

Swap For: Cream Stick Highlighter

Tbh, I actually use a cream stick highlighter all year round. It’s absolutely amazing! But it’s true that during the winter I might top it off with some powdered highlighter to set it. In the summer, I feel like the look cream highlight gives is amaze. ✨


KIKO Cream Stick Highlighter

Store: Powder Blush

Swap For: Cream Blush

Cream blush is very in rn, and there’s a reason for it; it looks great! It feels like it’s part of your skin and not cakey at all. I’m very into a peachy, bronzed look.


Apicia Blush Cream

Store: Straightener

Swap For: Your Natural Hair

You heard it, no heat on your hair this summer! We have to take care of our hair even more during the hot season, so laying back on using hot tools will help us to do it. If you don’t want to completely stop using heat, maybe you can at least reduce the amount you use, like curling your hair on a night out instead of every day! It might be the perfect season to try new hairstyles and methods you’ve never used before; like using socks to curl your hair, which is very on-trend nowadays. 🤍

What’s a beauty swap you make when the seasons change?

Comment down below! 🦋